It has a great, funny and amazing gala of the European Championship Rope Skipping at ‘Messe’ in Idar-Oberstein on August, 2nd 2015.

Entertainer Christoph Engels will guide you through a mature and exciting program.
He is also a juggler and daredevil comic and comedian.
Is supported his show on the hunt for beautiful pictures and exciting moments and interaction with the audience.

Highlight of the program is a 45 minute show of Magic Artists.
No group can now delight their audience, amaze, solidify tension like this. They combine a variety of spectacular sports to a poignant performance.

The show consists of the elements of dance, acrobatics, singing, human pyramids, juggling, Rope Skipping,black lights, fire and magic.
This show is unique in Europe.
Front Katja and her 9 men will take you into a world of its own – in the world of Magic Artists.

Another highlight are the GO-TO-DANCE participants ‘OWN RISK’, who could inspire with their magnificent performances in numerous television viewers.
At the beginning of May, OWN RISK won the European Championships in the adult category ( from 18 ) of the HIP-HOP- top class in Kalkar (Netherlands).

Another program point will be the Highlanders of VfR Baumholder. The performance “Gymnastics for bankers” will show us seemingly impossible tricks.


[img src=]1922
[img src=]810Entertainer Christoph Engels
[img src=]650Entertainer Christoph Engels
[img src=]570Entertainer Christoph Engels
[img src=]650Highlanders
[img src=]560Magic Artists
[img src=]470Magic Artists
[img src=]570Magic Artists
[img src=]520Magic Artists
[img src=]500Magic Artists
[img src=]450Magic Artists
[img src=]450Own Risk
[img src=]570Carina Leyser (German Gemstone-Queen 2008-2010), Sonja Mzyk (German Gemstone-Queen 2014-2016), Carolin Totten (German Gemstone-Queen 2006-2008)

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